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Turnabout in Schools

Reading  programmes based on phonics and traditional reading practice will not succeed for many pupils until the underlying causes of their learning difficulties are redressed.  Learning through phonics requires a capable auditory memory and for many pupils until this is improved they will not respond effectively to phonics teaching.

Recognition of common English words requires an effective visual memory. Pupils with  a weak visual memory will struggle to read effectively however much additional support and teaching they receive.

The Turnabout Programme strengthens the auditory and visual memory and other mental characteristics that hold back learning, particularly literacy skills.

Following three months of Turnabout training, schools find that their pupils are able to make good progress in literacy skills and are able to retain what they have learned.  Many pupils with learning difficulties have advanced their reading ages by several years after only three or four months on the programme.

Turnabout requires three one-to-one twenty minute sessions a week for twelve weeks.

Who is it for?
Wide range of difficulties
The Turnabout Programme is applicable to pupils  who have the range of difficulties associated with dyslexia. For some the condition is severe and they have failed to learn to read. These pupils cannot recognise or remember many letters or words nor can they remember the main spelling rules.
Hard to move pupils
Turnabout  is also very suitable for the greater number of children typically classified by schools as ‘hard to move’. Some  have learned to read albeit  later than others but cannot write properly and cannot remember spelling rules. Some pupils  can spell verbally but are unable to write the word down accurately.
Age applicability
Turnabout is suitable for secondary school students and primary school pupils from Year 2 upwards  

The Turnabout Programme is also directly beneficial for children with concentration and behavioural issues  associated with Attention Deficit disorders.
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    Before I was not good at anything. I was always getting my tables wrong in maths. I’m much better with my homework  now and I’m kind of liking it.
  Remembering better -  when  told something at night by mum and   dad I can now remember in the morning instead of having to get up early and ask what it was. Now remember to get up and feed the cats on a Sunday.
 I have started to read books at home.. Reading Harry  Potter and  now on third book . Didn’t read own books before, just the school reading books. Now recognise words rather than having to work  them all out. Spelling has improved so can read better and recognise  the words.
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